What to Wear to your Holiday Mini Session- 2017 Dallas TX

Its that time of year again!  School just started and schedules begin to settle into place.  However, right around the corner are the end of the year festivities! The Holidays are upon us and along with this special time is the creeping knowledge of Holiday cards that need to be sent.  No need to stress parents, as we knock out this Holiday Mini Session in style.  Today we will go over what to wear for your Holiday Mini Session for perfect portraits.

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Coordinate Colors

To decide on the family wardrobe can be very frustrating.  What colors look good, who should wear what?  The list goes on.  As you sort through your children’s attire and frantically toss out your partners stained button ups, keep these tips in mind to simplify the process.

Keep the color tone simple.  Begin with a neutral, earth tones and build from there.  Adding pops of primary color.  An example of this is mom and daughter wearing white whimsical dresses, dad a navy blue button up with little brother in a white shirt and blue vest.  Adding simple patterns is also encouraged, but with caution.  Patterns can be busy.

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Outdoor Outfits

Many families love outdoor portraits.  The outdoors invites opportunity of nature embracing your photos and a kiss of back lighting to top it off.  These portrait sessions are lovely in many aspects.  However, its important to take your outfit into consideration before heading out the door.

If your portrait session is to take place is a lush green environment, be sure to avoid excess green tones in everyone’s wardrobe.  You don’t want to blend in with the background.  To stand out, choose complimentary colors to green.

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Ladies First

Let’s face it.  Ladies like to look good.  This entails extensive research and many outfit changes before we settle on a look we love.  With this in mind, plan your Holiday mini session with the girls outfits first.  If mom is longing to wear a flowing lavender maxi dress, use that outfit as the inspiration for the rest of the family.

That lavender dress can easily be built upon with daughter in a white dress and lavender sash or flower crown. Place dad in a white button up and little brother in a white shirt with heather gray vest.  BAM, instant success all from one dress!

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Build on it

To really give your outfits pop, don’t be afraid to layer it up.  Add a casual jacket on one of the boys, or a sweet bow tie.  Suspenders are super cute on little guys.  Even a simple cardigan over a button up give an outfit some pizzazz.

For the ladies, take a look at your accessories.  Adorn your dress with your favorite necklace or set of bangles.  Layering adds more dimension to your portraits and give the image an interesting touch.  Take a peek at your local target sales ad and you will notice all the models are all layered up!

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Make it your own

This is the MOST IMPORTANT part.  I think when we feel its time for family portraits we get so focused on that perfect photo, its easy to forget ourselves.  What I mean is, this is your family!  This is your Holiday mini session!  Every family has their own flare and this is a great time to show it.  If your daughter is in love with that pink ballerina tutu, make it apart of the portrait.

Perhaps dad is a die hard Star Wars fan.  Incorporate it with a Star Wars shirt under a stylish jacket.  Still dressy, but with that personalized touch.  There are so many ways to make your photo your own.  Be sure to convey this with your photographer.  Most are more than happy to create a moment just for you!

Lets Make Memories!

Alright, now that you have the basics down, its time to get booking.  Keep an eye out for those upcoming Holiday Sessions and get your spot early before they fill up!


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