Sunnyvale TX Outdoor Family Photography- The Story of a Peculiar Giving Tree

Have you ever come across an actual rare phenomenon? I’m referring to an occurrence so mind blowing that you cannot believe your eyes!  Well my friends, today I am going to share  one with you.  This is the story of a Sunnyvale TX Outdoor Family Photography session that took an unusual turn.  It all began one sunny morning among the bright leafy trees of a Sunnyvale park.


The family took a stroll down the bright gravel road toward our destination.  The wind was just cool enough to keep the sweat from our brows on this bright lit day.  Our target location, a large and full tree beautifully lit by the mornings rays.

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Picture Perfect

Naturally, before any REAL photos are to be taken, the family had to go about there grooming ritual.  Everyone meticulously combed through each others hair and removed unwanted debris from their nose in preparation for the big family photo.

outdoor family photography sunnyvale tx

Strike a Pose

As soon as everyone found one another to be acceptable, everyone struck a pose.  This family was all about Vogue and put serious effort into their imagery.  They took their posing very seriously.  As we glided through each shot, everyone naturally took on a new form to flatter their personal style.

beautiful outdoor family photography dallas tx

 It’s Raining

Suddenly our outdoor family photography session took a turn from fab to fantasy.  As our family struck a pose from one to the next, the brother on the end noticed something in the sky. Extending his arms above his head, he prepared to catch the unidentified object.  Out of nowhere,  an adorable little boy fell into his grasp.

outdoor family photography dallas tx

It was astounding!  The next thing we knew, another little boy fell from the clouds and into one of the sisters arms.  The sister had nearly missed the flying young boy.  However, with lightening quick reflexes, she recovered him just before he fell to the ground.  Such a happy little boy he was, with a grin from ear to ear.

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The Giving Tree

As the family began to line up for the next shot, Dad noticed something in the background.  Off he went to poke his head into the tree just behind us.  It wasn’t long before he realized this was not an ordinary tree.

He shouted to the crowd, “Hey there is something else in this tree!”

outdoor family and childrens photography sunnyvale tx

Before you knew it, Dad was pulling down several children from the lush tree.  This peculiar giving tree was chock full of kids!  One after another, the kids came down.  Luckily for us, they were all dressed so nice and matched ever so well with the rest of the group.

outdoor family photography

The Gift of Giggles

The fun had only begun as more children fell from the giving tree.  It was a matter of minutes before this outdoor family photography session was a bushel of laughter and games.  The children ran and played and the adults joined in the fun.  This was a family session to remember.

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Just when we thought the surprises were over, Mom had other suspicions.  She headed back to that big bushy tree to peer into its branches once more.  To our amazement, she was right.  The giving tree had one more gift for us in store.  A sweet little baby for all to adore!

outdoor family photography north texas

It was quite an eventful day.  This outdoor family photography session was one for the record books.  The family was ever so pleased with the astounding gifts they received from the generous giving tree and I captured some amazing images.

sunnyvale texas outdoor family photography


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Sunnyvale TX Outdoor Family Photography- One Fun outdoor family photography session in North Texas takes a turn when an unusual surprise is revealed. Check out what happens and read now!

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