Stunning Benefits of Skin to Skin Contact with Baby

Oh momma, your cuddling a new bundle of joy and with each breathe they take, your even more in love than ever.  As you gently stroke their cheeks and softly kiss their foreheads you may not realize the stunning benefits of skin to skin contact with your baby.  Yes, snuggles are not only heart melting-ly awesome, they are healthy!

benefits of skin to skin contact with infant

Let their be Love

Skin to skin contact with baby is not just a fad, its truly a magical moment for you and baby.  As you hold your new baby close to your heart you may not know that your skin holds the key to your babies health.  Yep, its time to whip that shirt off like its Mardi Gras and hold that baby close!

Baby’s Breathe

When an infant is born, they are somewhat underdeveloped.  As the days go by earth-side, your newborn will rapidly mature and grow.  While in the womb, your baby did not need to rely on the act of breathing to gain oxygen.  Therefore, as they slept, wiggled and karate chopped your insides, they could suddenly stop the actual act of breathing and be fine.

benefits of skin to skin contact with baby

However, earth-side, babies need to breathe for their oxygen.  Therefore, when your holding baby, the rhythm of your breathe and the heaving of your chest prompts baby to breathe as well.  It’s not uncommon for small newborns to suddenly slow or even stop breathing while sleeping.  If you happen to having a skin to skin session or co-sleeping nearby, the sounds of your breathing trigger your baby to breathe too.  They tend to mimic the patterns of your breathe.  Cool huh?

Got Milk

skin to skin benefits for infant

Oh the wonders of our bodies!  The benefits of skin to skin contact with your baby are plentiful, even in the case of milk production.  As your milk supply readies, skin to skin contact with baby triggers your body’s production.

Not only is skin to skin contact a great way to increase your milk supply, its also a way to “code” your milk for your baby.  Think of it as a crazy Si-Fi movie and your body is scanning the baby’s bodies for deficiencies.  As your body picks up on your baby’s needs, your milk is then, in a sense, coded specifically for your baby.

Oh Baby its Cold Outside

Newborns and infants cannot regulate their body temperature until roughly between the ages of 6 to 8 months.  Even then, its best to keep a close eye.  As a newborn, the benefits of skin to skin contact with parents is an opportune way to regulate baby’s temperature.

benefits of skin to skin contact with newborn

It’s like cuddles are the cure for all, right?!  Skin to skin contact with your baby quickly regulates your baby’s thermal core and encourages development.  With the added benefit of regulating their heart rate and oxygen due to parents breathing patterns, baby’s mental development is also triggered in the process.  Therefore, encouraging healthy developmental milestones and brain function.

Shiny Happy People

benefits of skin to skin contact with newborn

Lets get real.  Having a baby is hard.  Making a baby is hard, delivering then is hard and those first few days can just be…well hard.  There is a lot to adjust when a new baby is in the house.  That being said, lets keep mom super happy and baby too.

The benefits of skin to skin contact assist in preventing postpartum depression.  When your holding that sweet soft bundle close, natural doses of oxytocin are released.  The ultimate happy hormone!

The release of oxytocin helps to minimize stress and anxiety while also reducing the risk of depression.  Just strap that baby right to your chest momma, its gonna be a good day.

Stick It to Me Baby

Now all the benefits of skin to skin contact sound wonderful in all, but how do you achieve these great results without interfering with your day to day life? Fortunately, you’re not the first mom to ask this.

As we venture on our journey of skin to skin contact with baby and turning cuddles into care, its good to be prepared.  There are several ways to keep baby close and get through the day.

There are many wraps and sling on the market that are made specifically for skin to skin contact and work well.  For men watching the Football game or moms who want to flip through a book, I used the VIJA Cummerbund for skin to skin contact with baby.

benefits of skin to skin contact

For those first days in the hospital and even at home I lived in my Kangaroo Care Halter.  You can easily keep baby close without worry of them rolling off your chest and then quickly adjust to feed when needed.  Definitely a must have for the Hospital Bag Checklist.

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  1. Loved skin to skin contact with my baby. She just turned one and I already long for the days when she wanted to be so close to me! I wish I would have known about the kangaroo halter! That looks amazing! Definitely, need to put it on my list of must-haves for the next time around.

    1. Yes that halter was in my bag for #2. Really wish I had it for #1. It was a great way to take a snooze while in the hospital bed during the day.

  2. I have never experienced anything like the rush of oxytocin after giving birth naturally. I did skin to skin with all three of my kids and it was amazing each time. I even had my husband do it too! Great post!

  3. Great post! When my little guy was born he was immediately rushed to the NICU where he stayed for months- we missed a lot of precious moments including skin-skin. Cherish those moments.

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