Newborn Lifestyle Photography and Why You Will Love It

When your new baby is placed in your arms your world is forever transformed.  This little life will forever look up to you for guidance and knowledge.  Such precious memories are to be made in the time ahead.  While time may flash before your eyes, don’t let those moments be forgotten.  This is why you should consider Newborn Lifestyle Photography and Why You Will Love It.

Newborn Lifestyle Photography

This is a chance to capture those truly original moment in your home with the family.  These are the “real” moments.  When you snuggle up to your newborn on the bed with your spouse.  Those wiggly toes that curl and spread during feeding and that ever connecting gaze into your baby’s eyes.  These moments are what you cherish most.

During a newborn lifestyle photography session, you can capture all these memories in the form of professionally lit and edited images.  This is a wonderful way to tell the story of your family, show every family members personality and uniqueness.  Those bursts of laughter, quiet moments and tender hugs are what make your family you.

Home Sweet Home

Another great advantage of a Newborn Lifestyle session is that you are in the comforts of home.  No need to tackle the toddlers and hustle into the car.  There are no forgotten blankets or bottles because you are where all your needs are met.  Your family and you can relax and embrace this experience in an environment that is your own.  Your children will warm up to the camera more naturally and mom can feed and tend to baby as needed.

Now, lets talk about dads.  Dads don’t favor a photography shoot.  They are usually quite stiff during portraits or uncomfortable.  Newborn Lifestyle photography is a wonderful way to keep dad in his natural habitat and capture those real moments with baby.  You will be surprised what lovely photos of dad surface when you gaze through  your baby photos.  Dads do well at home and they are a great help with siblings during sessions.  Therefore, newborn lifestyle photography is a great option for a busy family.

Perhaps you are warming up to the idea of a lifestyle photography session.  However, you still want those posed baby shots available in a traditional portrait session.  Don’t be afraid to voice this to your photographer of choice.  In most cases, photographers are more than happy to blend the two photography styles so that you are provided with the best most cherished images.

Lets discuss add-on’s.  It is entirely possible to jam pack your session with specific milestone add-on’s.  Simply ask your photographer.  If you are planning a newborn session, however your nine months pregnant, ask if there is a first 48 add-on mini session available.  This is a great way to capture those first moments in the hospital with your new baby with professional imagery to add to the album.  In addition to that, perhaps you would like a delivery session.  Some photographers will photograph your special moments during delivery.  Just a few ideas to keep in mind when considering your newborn baby photos and infant photography.

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  1. ahhh I love this post! This is one thing I regret not doing when my little boy was still an infant. 🙁

  2. I love the look of lifestyle photography in general, and as a mom that has rough recoveries from her c-sections, I can totally see the appeal of the photographer coming to me!

  3. That’s so lovely! Nothing is more precious than capturing the eternal love between a newborn and its mother. Great shots!

    Well I also do some fun photography. Would love to know your opinions on them. 🙂

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