Family & Children

Do you enjoy flipping through old albums with your children?  Do you have albums for them to do the same?

It’s time to take a break and get in FRONT of the camera. Your family NEEDS portraits with YOU in them too!

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You work hard and tirelessly take care of your family on a daily basis.  Now let’s honor your hard work and create works of art that display the love in your family to all.  Forget the laundry, walk away from the dirty dishes and take a break.  Let’s have fun together and create stunning portraits of you and your family to forever cherish!

“Our Family is one tent away from a full blown Circus”


During your family session, I will capture your family’s special moments and connection in a natural and organic way.  Enjoy this time with your family and interact with one another while gentle direction is given for posing.    Session locations take place either on location of your choice or in studio.   Family sessions are molded around your unique personalities.  The purpose of these sessions is to capture your family’s natural connection and emotion in every image.  Laugh with the little ones, hold each other close and be silly as your magical moments are transformed into precious works of art to forever cherish.

family photography dallas tx dani adams barry


Oh the conversations of young ones. They never seize to amaze me.  We listen to their off the wall theories and puzzle over their observant intuitive questions.  Between the messes, giggles and battles over bedtime, there must be a time for photos.

Your little one grows and each year they amaze you beyond expectancy.  Every child is unique and different.  From the shy, quiet observer to the high energy up and coming game show host.  Kids are so much fun and as unique as the next.  Take a look at your I-phone, what happens to be your backdrop?  98% of the time, the answer is your children.

family and children photography dani adams barry

Now, treat yourself and your living room walls with some stunning portraits of those beautiful babies before they move out.  Yes, my four year old stated he could go live in his own house…  Oh, the things kids say.  An outdoor family session is a stellar way to capture those jaw dropping photos of your children while they are still active and outside to play!


Lifestyle sessions take place in your home and embody all that is your family.  This type of family session revolves around naturally occurring moments that portray the love and connection between you and your family.  All images will take place in your home and incorporate everything about your family, using your home as the backdrop. I will capture your family, just as they are, doing activities, living life and embracing love.

child lifestyle session dani adams barry photography

Child Lifestyle sessions are a perfect way to capture your child in their element during a family session. This type of session is planned around their likes and interests.  We incorporate their favorite activities to get that epic shot of them having a blast.  This would include activities such as swimming, playing tea party with a sibling, jumping on the bed, sidewalk chalk,  or making mud pies.  This is also a great opportunity to prep for a messy food moment such as a cake smash in the kitchen or bake some spaghetti!

The goal is to capture these moments that only you as parents get to see, in photos. Lifestyle shoots are timeless. You will look back at the photos and remember your children as they were and they too will have these precious memories to flip through and share with their families in the future. In the future when your children ask you what they were like as a child, you will have these epic images to show them.

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