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Alright, this is the third attempt to shove your swollen feet into your favorite pair of sandals.  Not to mention, you cannot reach your toes even if you tried.  As the mission of docking your toes into these faux leather slip-ons begin to dwindle, you may think to yourself, “No one understands what I’m going through right now.”  You’re pregnant momma!  Sometimes those nine months can have its moments when you feel you’re alone on an island and no one really knows how to save you.  This is when your Doula swoops in like one of those underwear on the outside superheroes we all know and love.  What is a Doula you may ask? Well, I’m going to fill you in on one of the best pregnancy resources in Dallas, TX.

Alright, so your shoes are just not going to cut it when it comes to protecting those swollen toes of the human making machine you are.  Perhaps venting to your husband doesn’t end in the satisfactory results of heaping piles of ice cream, cottage cheese and cuddles that you hoped for.  Or, perhaps that call with your mom may leave you feeling bummed at the fact she lives 500 miles away.  You need someone in your corner.  Someone who gets it and I mean all of it.  This is when your NDDA Doula comes in.

You’re Doula at North Dallas Doula Associates is the ultimate emotional, physical, psychological and overall pregnancy and after birth bad ass you could ever ask for.  Forget scouring online to find the answers, you’re Doula is there for you whenever you need them.  I mean, through the thick of it.  They have seen and dealt with it all.  You will never feel like another patient in the office when you have an NDDA Doula by your side.  Therefore, let’s get into detail and really break down how having a Doula is truly the best pregnancy resource you could have.

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Creating a human is hard flipping work.  You’re body is drastically changing and manipulating its everyday functions to support the fabrication of a human life.  That’s huge!  You’re Doula gets that and they will are there to help you through your journey.  The beauty of having a Doula is that they see your pregnancy for what it is, a miracle.  You’re not just another lady about to have a baby.  You’re Doula understand the struggles, the tears, pains, overwhelming joys and a little pee coming out every time you sneeze.

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Yep, you’re Doula is your wingman.  Whether you decide to have your baby in a hospital, birth center, home or a parking lot they are on it.  In a matter of knowing what to do and supporting you during labor and delivery, your Doula is like a wizard whose powers are unimaginable.  Doula’s work closely with the staff to ensure your needs are met during labor.   They make suggestions on your behalf as to how your delivery should carry out.  I have witnessed a Mother whose Doula assisted her through laboring her baby into a position to have a vaginal birth, right after the doctor was about to prep her for a C-Section.  They are the ultimate labor and delivery baby whisperer!

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Ok, you made it through the big push and your baby is earth-side.  Now you’re home and… alone.  For some mothers, those first weeks are hard.  Taking care of a newborn, breastfeeding and attempting to have clean laundry is exhausting. There you are again, on that deserted island.  Not with your NDDA Doula.  Doula’s will check in with you even after baby is born.  Tradition physicians simply schedule you for a check-up or two and that’s it.

Where is the emotional support!  It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s your kick ass Doula swooping through your window and into your living room to save the day.  Their support is like no other.  You’re Doula has seen it all and understands the everyday struggles you are going through.  Therefore, they are a phenomenal post pregnancy resource as well.

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I’m referring to all that weird bodily junk that happens after baby.  You know what I mean, that wild hair that seems to grow 5 inches long in the middle of your forehead over night kind of weird.  Don’t deny it, your body has some funky moments after popping out a baby.  Youre Doula, gets that and they are there to assist you during those phases of change emotionally and physically.

I had a hard time breastfeeding my first and my NDDA Doula came to my rescue with several tactical tricks and tips to get my baby to latch and help me to relax while feeding.  It was amazing, baby was happy thereafter!  The North Dallas Doula Associates are the treasure at the end of the pregnancy resource map.

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Ok, yes we already went over those weird bodily changes.  However, there are times that events happen and you’re too embarrassed, scared or down right convinced you’re not of this planet.  Your NDDA Doula is a judge free zone.  In fact, they love talking about all that crazy stuff!  You’re uncomfortable zone is their comfort zone and by the time they lay out all the details you will feel as human as ever.  So, yes, please share your dirty secrets with your Doula, you would be surprised just how normal you are.

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Doula’s are an amazing pregnancy resource for those naturalists out there.  I’m a crunchy mom.  I like it natural and free.  If you see it the same, a Doula will guide you through the garden of herbs.  Unlike traditional doctors, your Doula has some amazing tricks up their sleeve regarding natural ways to aid in pregnancy and labor.  Again, those magical wizard powers are put to work.  The spectrum for natural aids is vast, from teas to ready for labor to herbals for postpartum health.  Simply ask and you shall receive.

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Others don’t get it.  Your hormones during pregnancy are as sporadic as the enemy fire in Galaga.  He wind could blow the wrong way and the next thing you know you’re a hot mess.  Again, there is your Doula to save the day.  Sometimes your spouse just cant relate or handle the situation properly for they just simply don’t know what to do.  Sometimes we ourselves don’t know what to do.  You know who does?  You got it, your NDDA Doula does!

I cannot stress enough how my Doula brought me back to earth when I was in full resident evil mode.  I must admit, my Doula knew what to say, what to do and bam, I was ok.  It’s something else entirely to have someone on your side to help you in those moments of distress.  It may seem simple to others to just “get over it”, but while pregnant, sometimes it’s hard.  It’s difficult to keep it together and even more so when you feel as though others don’t quite understand where you’re coming from.  This is why having a Doula is the ultimate support team.  It’s the power of 20 jam packed into one person.  They are simply amazing.

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Labor Support Services


  • Your doula will meet with you and your partner for an initial consult and answer all your questions
  • Your doula will discuss your feelings, hopes, and intention in regard to your upcoming delivery
  • Once you have retained NDDA, we will immediately be on call for you.
  • Your doula is available to answer questions or help you with concerns by phone or by email.
  • Your doula will offer advice on reading material and childbirth birth classes and upcoming events in your area
  • Your doula will meet you in home or in office to assist you in creating your birth plan
  • Your doula can meet you at your home for laboring prior to moving to a birth center or hospital
  • NDDA doulas will provide breathing and relaxation techniques, visualization, massage, pressure point and counter pressure, productive positional changes, encourage beneficial movements and facilitate continuous support throughout labor.
  • Your doula will remain with you post delivery to help with your initial breastfeeding experience
  • Your attending birth doula will visit you in home, after delivery, to answer post partum questions and to reflect on your birth experience.
  • You will have the option of additional lactation help from our Board Certified Lactation Consultant in your home for additional visits.


Postpartum Support Services


  • Your doula will be available to you as soon as you leave the hospital or as needed
  • Your doula will help with baby care, basic breastfeeding, and healthy sleep practices.
  • Your doula will allow for a quicker recovery for mom
  • Your doula will help with siblings
  • She will perform light housekeeping & errands
  • She will serve as a Mommy mentor
  • She will assist in building healthy attachment to mom and dad
  • She will help moms prepare to return to work
Antepartum Support Services


  • Your doula will assist the mother experiencing a challenging pregnancy
  • Your doula will offer educational and emotional support
  • She will help with light house cleaning and errands
  • She will help with meal preparation
  • She will help prepare for baby’s arrival
  • Your doula is available for sibling assistance


Convinced yet?  A Doula is so much more than a pregnancy resource.  The support, comfort and sheer help your Doula provides is other worldly.  There was a time when the phrase to raise a child it takes a village.  In such a busy world we live in, that village may be nowhere to be found.  Your Doula is there for you wholeheartedly and happily.  Now go call NDDA and get one of those scrumptious Doulas on the phone and on your birthing team!


BEST OF DALLAS- What is a Pregnancy Doula- The best pregnancy resources have been found and your Doula is number one.

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  1. I absolutely love services like this. After coming to terms that we are only going to have two children (which means no more pregnancies for me), I’ve decided that next year I’m going to get certified by DONA!

  2. I LOVED my Doula! They always hold a special place in my heart because my mom used to be one when I was younger. My Doula was so helpful for me and I would love to become one one day! All true things in this post, for sure !

  3. I’ve never used a doula, but I know my sister-in-law loved her experience with one. I didn’t realize how much more they do than the actual labor support.

  4. Wow, I love that they come and support you after baby is born! What a great service. I wish I had something like this when I had my daughter

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