Before and After

If you are a fan of Michalopoulos art, you know of his wondrous use of colors and amazing skill for applying it to structure.  I had attempted in the past to create a work inspired by his style of a house.  My parents house in particular since they have a lovely porch.  It took a few goes but I have completed the work with what I believe to be that touch of ‘Michalopoulos’ color.  I have posted a before photo of the piece when I had first attempted this style of work.

Its a bit out of my comfort zone and you can tell.  I’m used to an abstract style with hard lines.  After walking past this piece a many of times I began to see it as flat, dull, lifeless.  It needed something.  After another while I began to see where it was missing those little touches that would bring its features forward and add a spark of life to it.  Therefore I took it down for a makeover, this time focusing on  really using color to define the house rather than using the actual color of the house (white and black) to define it.  I used cool tones to help shape the features and shadows to bring a pop to the picture and I believe it paid off.  The house puts off a more three dimensional feel rather than the flat, bland effect if had at first.  I touched up the brush around the house giving the bushes a touch of light to bring them out and the sky received a healthy addition of more stars!  I believe these additions made the piece come to life.  It goes to show that sometimes, when you just leave a work alone for a time and just get a good look at it, its true wonders emerge and a simple touch of color can take it a long way!

11-1-2014 328