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  • Must have coffee to function in the AM
  • Serial Nacho eater
  • Nature is my Happy Place
  • I used to be cool.  Now I just argue with a smaller version of myself about how to use the toilet.
  • Sticky things no longer bother me, its now a guessing game
  • I could fish all day!
  • Everyday beholds something unexpected, like when my son got out of bed for the 20th time and asked why ducks don’t have arms
  • I now expect some of dinner to be on the floor
  • I wish I could freeze time so my kids would stop growing up so fast


I am a mother of two wild (KA-RAZY) boys that are the biggest inspiration and drive in my life. My first born cub is jam packed with energy and constantly in motion, but also the most caring little gentleman.  He always keeps me on my toes with his vast imagination and never ending world of play.  My youngest little guppy is incredibly happy and very observant.  I love to watch him intricately stack his blocks and critique his work.  They don’t call boys a noise with dirt on it for no reason. 

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As the only girl in the house, our days tend to be filled with loud noises, messes and Nerf darts flying through the kitchen as I prepare dinner.  I call my hubby my first born as he tends to instigate these adventures. The three of them will wrestle, roar and practice karate like any boy would.  We are an active family and love nothing more than to be outdoors fishing and enjoying nature.  I often wonder what the day will bring with all these bellowing boys, but could not have asked for anything better.

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newborn photography dani adams


Why you may ask?  Well, let me share a secret.  You may think, “Oh, she’s a photographer.  She has tons of great photos of her family.”  The reality is… I DON’T!  Well, at least I didn’t.  It was not until I began to master my craft that I had truly remarkable images of my life’s design.  My first child has the roughest images ever.  However, those are images I cherish, because they are all I have of that moment in time.

I want you to have those images too.  Only I want you to have them in a way that you can love them and keep loving them forever.

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Dallas TX Newborn and Family Photography

Oh Babies!  I love babies!  They don’t call them bundles of joy for nothing.  I specialize in newborn photography due to the monumental joy a new life brings and I want to preserve those moments for your family in a unique and timeless way.  Those little toes and sweet features mature and grow so quickly.  It always comes as a shock to us mothers how fast time flies.  This is why I am so passionate about providing families with high quality images of their babies in a safe and comfortable environment.


  • 6+ years medical training and volunteer work in Hospital, Maternity and Obstetric Facilities
  • 4+ years studying child development, Obstetrics, Speech Pathology and Audiology
  • 6+ years photography education through University and Private organizations
  • Education in Professional Photography and editing by educators Amy and Jordan Demos
  • Baby Safety and Posing Training for Newborn Photographers with Kelly Brown
  • Newborn and Family Lifestyle Photography education with Emily Lucarz
  • Professional Portrait and Glamour Photography education with Sue Bryce
  • Education in newborn posing methodology and anatomy


Safety is the number one concern when I photograph your newborn.  I have spent years acquiring knowledge and utilizing my newborn photography education, safety and posing training as well as conveying its importance to my clients.  Your baby should always be in a safe position and place during your photography session and this is a quality of service I give to my clients.  You can rest assured your baby will be comfortable and in good hands.



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NDDA best of Dallas doula pregnancy resources

In addition to providing newborn and family photography services in home as well as on location, you can find me at NDDA! Our priority is your comfort and support.  Therefore, we have everything you need for this parenting journey tucked away in one space.  In-studio sessions will take place at North Dallas Doula Associates, where you will find the kindest and most caring community.  We all understand what it’s like to be a parent.  The ups and downs, in’s and out’s.  It’s a roller coaster and we are ready to take on that ride with you.


This is why we love to provide you with as many conveniences as possible in one place.  Rest comfortably on the big orange couch while you ready for your session.  Allow your kids to hide away to read in the children’s hang out.  You can rest assured you and your family will be in good hands at NDDA.

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