Dallas Texas Family and Newborn Photography
Dallas TX Newborn and Family Photography



Our experience was the opposite of my fears. Dani was amazing with the baby. She was like some sort of baby whisper, and I thought about asking her if she would stay around all the time. Also, it was very apparent that safety was her number one concern and had all the training and research to make sure that was the case.  It was neat seeing how Dani’s mind worked, how passionate she is, and the ideas she came up with.


Dani has great eyes and is very family friendly. She has a great attitude and live towards the profession. She got our gallery up before the deadline and is quick to respond. The pictures turned out amazing and I can’t wait to book our next session.


Absolutely amazing!  I cannot say enough how beautiful or children’s portraits came out.  Dani has a real gift for photographing small children.  I can stare at our pictures or hours just admiring their beauty.


So amazing!  Our gallery was done ahead of time and each photo turned out beyond expectation.  We would recommend Dani to anyone and will be in touch for a future session!

Kristen J

Even when I first began to glance through our gallery I was shocked at just how amazing our family photos were.  The candid moments were caught just in time and I can feel the happiness of that day each time I look at our pictures.

Lucy & John

Cannot thank Dani enough for our amazing portraits.  I have so many guests compliment our beautiful pictures regularly.


My children are wild and cannot sit still for a moment.  Somehow, Dani was able to miraculously capture some magic moments during our family session.  I honestly thought it was impossible, but I was blown away by the detail and beautiful photos she created.


I feel like the luckiest parent ever!  I have the most precious newborn photographs in the world.  My photos exceeded my expectations.  Dani is very detail oriented while also paying special attention to our baby boys safety and comfort.  The experience itself was intriguing and our photos are jaw dropping.

Do you enjoy flipping through old albums with your children?  Do you have albums for them to do the same?

It’s time to take a break and get in FRONT of the camera. Your family NEEDS portraits with YOU in them too!

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dallas tx newborn and family photography

There is so much emotion packed into a photograph.  Photos are how we reflect and watch people grow.  As a photographer, I want to provide this gift to you.  I want you to have those stunning images of moments in your life to forever look back on.

Why you may ask?  Well, let me share a secret.  You may think, “Oh, she’s a photographer.  She has tons of great photos of her family.”  The reality is… I DON’T!  Well, at least I didn’t.  It was not until I began to master my craft that I had truly remarkable images of my life’s design.


My first child has the roughest, most unprofessional images ever.  However, those are images I cherish, because they are all I have of that moment in time.  I want you to have those images too.  Only I want you to have them in a way that you can love them and keep loving them forever.



Our priority is your comfort and support.  Therefore, we have everything you need for this parenting journey tucked away in one space.  In studio sessions will take place at North Dallas Doula Associates, where you will find the kindest and most caring community.  We all understand what its like to be a parent.  The ups and downs, in’s and out’s.  Its a roller coaster and we are ready to take on that ride with you.


This is why we love to provide you with as many conveniences as possible in one place.  Rest comfortably on the big orange couch while you ready for your session.  Allow your kids to hide away to read in the children’s hang out.  You can rest assured you and your family will be in good hands at NDDA.



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